seconds time i killed

dina: look who is there??
jessy : oh my god!!
dina : i wish that i could just hear his voice.
that’s conversation was at the first year in university ,i was a stupid kid, Ignorant
with the new world i’m going to live with for four years.
he is jony the handsome guy in our college all girls like him and dare to talk with him except me .
i called myself a lier if i said i don’t like him but it was so difficult to talk to him even just to ask a question, i was a quite girl or you can call me like everybody call me “silent girl” , anyway i don’t expect that a guy like him would like to talk to me or want recognize me well i’m not beautiful as flower as any beautiful girl in college.
Without prior notice ,someone knocked on my shoulder at first i Horrified it was a sudden knocked but what is coming is more exciting it was jony !!
it’s it’s…………
unexpected thing ,all girls around stare at me for long in the same time i was confused i don’t know what to do ,to say ,to tell all i could do is Offset lock of hair from my face and sure my tears becomes ready to rain not because he is acute guy but because i could’nt do anything about the current position .
“hi jessy , i’m sorry i did’nt mean to Ovzek you!!!” that’s jony , so he notice my little stupid terrified .
‘i just want to get back your pen you dropped it yesterday”
‘oh yeh, thanks ‘ and get ready to run ,that’s who i’m sure.
after running i think a little about what happened it was uncontrollable action ,that was the first time we talk me and jony ,i get used to talk to him after many Attempts closing to me more and more and chuck my stupid fear.
i did’t notice how we cherished with each other ,how we fall in love silently.
i never tell him how much i loved him also he is.
every day i wake up and make sure that the previous day was’nt a dream by checking my mobile phone “good morning lovely girl” it was jony text message wish me a nice morning .
every night too i checked if that is a dream by a little call from jony ” i can’t sleep , i’m Dispersion ummmmm i just wanna to hear your voice and wish you a sweet dreams jessy “, i think every night if i try to fly ,i’m sure it would work ,yes he make me fly ,happy,sad,dream,sleepy,funny,crazy girl fall in love.
once he told me he scared” do you think we will stay together forever!!” ,Artmit in nurseries and the tears wet my cheeks
,that’s how he make me sad, i stopped tears falling and told him “do you want to kill me stupid man!!”, the only response i get his childish smile.
i can’t forget that smile at all.
last year at university “graduations!!!”,
With the passage of time attached to him so much now I can not imagine living without him , four years have passed Cgamadp eye.
Graduation ceremony was a fitting graduation together and announce our engagement in public, i was narvous because of that ,the ceremony did’nt start and jony also did’nt arrive yet , i’m going to be narvous more and more ,finally he calls me
“hello !!, jony fiancee !!!”
my heart beat raise up till dina could hear it…….
“yes, who is this!!!”
“N.Y hospital , i’m sorry but your fiancee make an accident ………”
i ran to hospital like a mother who lost her child, when i arrived and go upstairs i found the doctor waiting for me to told me ” he was trying to call you then the car overturned ………..
the doctors tell me a lot of details in the time still i can’t breath and stopped tears falling ,he could’nt tell me …….
‘sorry , we try to save him but we lost him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
that was the second time jony kill me he leave me a lone again , i was waiting him to say ‘ i love you jessy ‘ and tell him me too infront of all world …….. he gone!!!


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6 responses to “seconds time i killed

  1. قصة درامية ونهاية متوقعه
    بس مؤثره اكيد

  2. thanks for comment
    note: this story written by me

  3. Rosh

    i just like the story, and i actually was surprised about the end when she knew that he wanted to tell her something and she was waiting him for so long to hear these 3 words thru him but she knew about the car accident when it was too late. dammit, i hate these kind of situations S:
    anyway, the story is tremendous and amazed me 😀

    keep writing such like this stories


  4. وتر .!

    Beginning of the story sad and the end also
    But if you had written it a beautiful beginning

    Thank you

  5. thanks watr it’s my first story
    thanks for comments sweeter

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