i discover that he loves me

22 old girl , studying at university .
he is a little boy in the second class at school he live next to my home ,onec he stoped me and ask me to marry him!!!
it was lovely situation all i could do was smiling and accept to marry him, he was a lovely boy with a an angle face every time i wake up he came to my door before he go to school to say “good morning wife” , he was a mazing i love the day that i open my eyes and see him at the start of the day.
i never imagine that there is child would like me because i’m not so closed for children in our home there is children that another reason.
his mother came to visit us with a big smile and tell my mother that her daughter is a good wife “hhhhhhhhhhhhhh mama was shocked ” ,she did not get any idea about all subject also me i did’t expect that a little child would tell his parents about that ,you know
it children life there nothing to belive a bout their ideas , anyway her mother smile and told my mam about her child marriage with me “hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lovely sitiuation ” ,mam laugh and laugh she did’t believe at first but she welcome of his child as a husband .
his mother came to ask if her little child could vist us to give me the wedding ring.
i know it’s wear but i don’t know what to say he is a little child.
after two days he came and give me a marriage ring it fake ring but it’s too expensive of that child love then he kiss me a soft kiss i would never forget that kiss .
in that day we became wife and husband to the first time in my life hhhhhhhhhhhhh , he still knock my door every morning to say good morning with his little soft kiss .
i invited him once to go out with me to eat ice cream it was a wonderful day i would never forget that day too.
one day i miss him he did’t came to wake me up and kiss me!!!
after i back from university i go to his home , he was little sick ,the first moment he notice my face he get up from bed and hug me and whispered ” i love you so much don’t leave me ever “,then he started to cry, the first time that i hear this words” i love you”.
after two days he get better and back to normal life ,days go on ,he graduate from the second year at school and invited me to the graduatin party introduce me as his wife to his friends and teachers ,i just smiled.
at that day i feel like i have born again i don’t know why ,it’s just like that.
after one week i wake up with the sound of rain , i take a look from the window and raise my eyes to sky wondering how it’s beauty and the look down to street ,i shocked there is an ambulance infront the door of my husband home ,her mother was crying , i ran away and go to his home to see what’s wrong .
he was in the ambulance they covered his face ,i just quite and cry i don’t know what happened , then the nurse told me he was sick ” he has cancer for long time!!!!”
i was shocked !!! my love gone and leave me a lone without goodbye.
i admit i love him ,he was a soft angle and the most beautiful thing in my life


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9 responses to “i discover that he loves me

  1. God bless him

    I wasn’t imagine that will be the end

    god damn it

  2. yes
    the end is real m7md
    thanks for comment

  3. ما توقعتش تكون هيك النهاية ، بس هل القصة حقيقية ، ام قصة من نسج الخيال ، لانها قصة كثير حزينة ولو كانت حقيقية اكيد سببت لك حزن كبير على فقدان هذا ” الزوج ” ، قصدي الطفل ، اذا كان حقيقي ، فالله يرحمه ويصبرك ويصبر امه يا رب

    • عزيزتي القصة حقيقة مئة بالمئة ولكن النهاية اختلفت بطريقة الوفاة ليس اكثر
      وجل ما قمت به هي اعادة تحوير القصة قليلاً واخفاء بعض التفاصيل
      اشكر تواجدك

  4. yasmenaaaaa

    عنجد بكيت.انا دايما بقول مافي ملائكه على الارض.بس الظاهر كان في.

  5. sure there but they are rare honey

  6. sure there but they are rare honey like diamond

  7. وتر .!

    A very sad story like it happened yesterday
    Formulation is very impressive

    Thank you

  8. yes it is dear
    thanks watr for comment

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